I think this plan is amazing. I am born and raised in this city, and I’ve seen it been Jazzland, and then Six Flags. I pray this idea turns into a major production, that the people of New Orleans East can be extremely proud of. A lot of the original culture is being gentrified, and I know in my heart, this will put a sense of being included and wanted back into New Orleans East residents. I don’t live in the New Orleans East area, but I know that it seems as if the East has been pushed to the side and forgotten about. Other areas of this city have been and continue to be cared for more than New Orleans East. I remember growing up seeing people who looked like me, living and enjoying middle-class, in and around New Orleans East. My family shopped and did the majority of their pampering in the East and adjacent areas. This is an immense vital project that is crucial to the survival of our black community. Please allow this wonderful idea to become our reality!