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WGNO-TV Press Conference

Councilwoman Cyndi Nguyen publicly addresses Mayor Cantrell and Selection Review Committee regarding former Six Flags site

Betrayed and Frustrated

By Kenneth Cooper

The Mayor’s Handling Of Six Flags Has Left Many In The East Feeling Betrayed And Frustrated

The people of New Orleans East want answers. Katrina devastated the area 16 years ago. For 16 years they continue to wait for an influx of economic development in the East. And for 16 years they’ve been left frustrated. Then Mayor Cantrell announced that the long abandoned Six Flags site would be development. Hopes were raised. She then backed that up by forming a selection committee to solicit and weigh proposals. The people of the East were then promised a quick and fair process. So far though, there’s been nothing quick or fair about it. And in the meantime, many in the East feel that their voices are ignored.

Did Drew Brees and Demario Davis Cheat?

By Kenneth Cooper

Drew Brees Gets An Early Retirement Present 

They say the NFL is a copy cat league. A league where one team tries to mimic the successful blueprint laid out by another. Well apparently Drew Brees and Demario Davis have taken that mentality. And they applied it to the areas of economic development and submitting business proposals to the city as well.




WDSU – Expected to pick one Six Flags site proposal. N.O. Committee advances two

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